How we work

It’s all about you

At Hannay Robertson, we believe your wealth should inspire as well as support your life. That’s why we take time to understand what matters to you most, and to build a comprehensive picture of your financial position, needs and ambitions. Our personalised planning and advice provides clarity in complex financial matters, directing you towards your goals and opening new horizons.

Our expertise

Keeping your finances in shape

We are a boutique financial planning company based in Cambridge, providing jargon-free advice, comprehensive planning and long-term wealth management. Working with our established network of accountants, solicitors and other professionals, we ensure that your affairs are always in dedicated, expert hands.

Investment advice

Aligning your investment portfolio with your goals, we manage costs, capture returns and minimise risk.

Estate planning

Our estate and trust fund management ensures flexibility for you, and value for your beneficiaries.

Retirement planning

We specialise in helping you plan to live comfortably in retirement and not outlive your money.

Tax efficiency

We identify opportunities to manage your wealth and investments in the most tax efficient way.

Wealth protection and transfer

With our guidance you can maintain a healthy cash flow and help your beneficiaries get more out of life.

Charitable giving

A structured giving plan helps you make a meaningful, cost-effective contribution to the causes you value.

Our clients

Preparing for tomorrow, living for today

As a boutique financial planning company, we build lasting relationships with our select group of clients. We work with professionals, business owners, widows, divorcees and inheritors or beneficiaries. They value the clarity and quality of life gained through delegating their affairs to a single, trusted financial advisor. And, with their wealth under our watchful eye, they can focus on what’s important to them and get the most out of life.

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Answers to your questions

How do I choose a service?

The service you choose depends on your requirements. You may be looking for comprehensive financial planning, investment planning or ‘one-off’ advice on a particular aspect of your finances. We can help you choose the service that is best suited to your needs. The vast majority of our clients choose us for our Comprehensive Financial Planning service.

Is Hannay Robertson independent?

You can be assured of completely independent advice from Hannay Robertson. We do not work for a bank, insurance company or fund manager. We are wholly owned by the financial planners who advise you.

Importantly, we work on a fee, not a commission basis. Consequently, our advice is not influenced by whether or not we will receive a commission.

How is a financial planner different from a wealth manager, IFA or private banker?

There is no real difference, just lots of different names. Unlike us, a private banker may be able to recommend an ‘in-house’ bank account for you. Otherwise, all of these professionals should be able to give you independent financial planning and investment advice. A good financial planner will be much more valuable to you than a bad private banker and vice versa.

Is our first meeting free?

We do not charge for the first meeting. It is an investment of your time and ours, which are equally valuable. This meeting is an opportunity to discuss the mutual profitability of working together, and to decide whether to take the relationship forward.